Bill Nighy supports a Robin Hood Tax in Cannes

Bill Nighy, the Robin Hood Tax campaign's spokesperson, poses with nurses campaigning for tax justicelong-standing advocate of the Robin Hood Tax

Bill Nighy, a long-standing advocate of the Robin Hood Tax campaign, took our agenda all the way to the G20 in Cannes. The other Bill (Gates) also presented his excellent report advocating a Robin Hood Tax to G20 leaders as the solution needed in order to raise much needed revenue to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

President Sarkozy spoke in favour of taxation of financial transactions at the final press conference in Cannes arguing that they are ‘possible, financially indispensable and morally inarguable.’ He was not alone in expressing his support as a ‘coalition of the willing’ emerged, including Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and the African Union, amongst others.

Even as the press conference went ahead, thousands of nurses marched in New York in favour of a Robin Hood Tax, using the slogan ‘put the interests of Main Street ahead of those of Wall Street.’ We had a chance to meet a few of these nurses, and have to confess, they’re our heroes.  As one nurse said “We’re trying to embarrass our politicians into acting in the interests of the people, like we do everyday.”

In other exciting news, Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury has announced that he supports the Vatican in their call for a Robin Hood Tax, bringing the number of high-profile advocates of this campaign to an all-time high. The real thanks, however, must go to the hundreds of thousands of people all around the world who are being put second by their governments who favour instead financiers and bankers.

The hunger for change is vast and with momentum and support being gained on an almost daily basis, the time for a Robin Hood Tax is now.

Bill Nighy with Stamp out Poverty's Christina Ashford


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