Day of Action for Innovative Sources of Climate Finance – Durban, South Africa.

Yesterday saw hundreds of organisations (including Oxfam, WWF, Friends of the Earth and ITUC) join together in a day of action to support the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) as one of the most promising sources of climate finance.

Here is a round up of how Robin and his merry men have been campaigning:

FTT Press Conference – Ministers from France, South Africa, Bolivia and Norway joined civil society leaders to call for innovative sources of finance (including an FTT and tax on carbon emissions from shipping) to be part of a deal in Durban. These mechanisms would raise billions of dollars a year and help fill the Green Climate Fund.

Arvinn E. Gadgil from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a particularly passionate speech; stating it is “very clear that the option of the FTT needs to stay on the table.” He compared the tax to a medicine which would solve a variety of ills, cause no side effects, and cost virtually nothing. “Think about it, take your own yearly salary, and try to figure out what .05% would mean. I did and it’s about the price of a coffee.”

Check out Nathalie Kosciusko Morizet (Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing of France) wearing the Robin Hood Tax hat

The ‘World COP’ Final: Robin Hood v. Fat Cats

Team Robin Hood beat the bankers in an exciting ‘World COP’ football match. The game, organised by youth activists (YOUNGO), provided information about the Robin Hood Tax.

Robin Hood Awards  – Throughout the UN Durban talks YOUNGO have been busy presenting Robin Hood Champion Awards. The awards were given to nations that discuss, support or negotiate towards an FTT at COP and came with a congratulatory badge and a Robin Hood hat for delegates to show off during negotiations.

So far they have been presented to Pakistan, who stated that we must be open to an FTT as an innovating financing mechanism for the Green Fund, and South Africa’s Minister of Science and Technology who showed her support by attending a demonstration of Robin Hood Tax activists.

For more information, please visit:

The '$100 billion bill' handed out by Robin Hoods at COP to show how an FTT could help raise billions for the Green Climate Fund


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