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2012: Off to a very promising start!

Robin Hood at a rally in Paris

We are only five days into 2012 and the Robin Hood Tax has barely been out of the news – what a way to start the year. This is largely due to the French Minister for European Affairs Jean Leonetti saying on Wednesday that a European FTT will be in place by the end of the year.

Leonetti said that France and Germany were already in agreement on the tax and as we mentioned last year the new Italian government are not opposed. He said that of the 27 members of the EU, only Britain and Sweden were opposed to the idea, leaving George Osborne and David Cameron looking ever more isolated not only from the rest of Europe, but also from the British public who are increasingly calling on the banks to pay their fair share.

Here are links to just a few of the recent headlines:

‘France and Germany Snub David Cameron over Robin Hood Tax’

‘European Financial Transaction Tax ‘by end of 2012’

‘To Reclaim the Envy of the World, Wall Street Must Pay’

We’ll be back soon to update you on further developments but in the meantime, please sign this petition to make Goldman Sachs pay its tax: we are owed over £25 billion from such deals.